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Valley Socials outreach to local businesses is to create an awareness of the how we can all help our community. If you are a local business that wants to help your employees expand their customer awareness skills, we offer our awareness program.

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If you are one of many special families that is already involved in the Valley Socials program, then you know of the benefits that this program offers. If you have yet to experience our program and the benefits of helping or being in it, find out why you should join.

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You can make a difference by being a Valley Socials volunteer today! Become a part of an organization that is making a difference for many special kids, teens & adults. It’s a great way to give back to the community and make a difference. Join our cause today!

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Valley Socials believes in the empowerment that our programs offer participants. Members who have special needs and their families are accepted, included, and befriended so they can become successful members of society. Our goal is to empower and assist in growth.

Our Mission

To help develop a more supportive relationship between the Special Needs population, businesses and Establishments who will in turn gain a loyal customer clientele base and enhance their prestige in the community. The Special Needs population will gain by becoming better consumers and integrate more into the general community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to “Build an enduring collaboration between Business Establishments and the Special Needs population by improving customer service and supporting the special needs community. ” There is a NEED to integrate more of this population into the community. Many of this population suffers isolation, depression, unemployment, regression in adulthood.

Our Needs

The Special Needs population is exploding due to the rise of diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and better assessments today. One in 68 children will be diagnosed with ASD. About 20% (or higher) students receive Special Education services in the USA. There are approximately 3.5 million Americans with special needs in America.

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A glimpse of what we work on:

  • Adult social skills & manners

  • Proper etiquette with opposite gender

  • Enhance communication skills

  • Advance intellectual development

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