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Activities for Adults and Teens with Special Needs in Woodland Hills, California

There are over three million people, both adults and children alike, in America who have special needs because they have been diagnosed with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, Down syndrome, and similar conditions. Enabling special needs individuals to become active, participating members of society is beneficial for both them and for the communities in which they live. However, to develop their full potential for fulfilling this active role, special needs citizens often need specialized guidance. The Valley Socials Program of Woodland Hills, California provides this guidance in the form of supervised activities in which special needs individuals can interact socially with one another and with members of the local community.

Cultural festivals such as the Scandinavian Festival, Cowboy Festival, Japanese Garden, Black History Month appreciation at the California African American Museum in Los Angeles. Valley Socials do Fitness group classes, Nature walks, take the group to Dances.

Nature Walks

Those with special needs often find great comfort when they connect with nature and with non-human living creatures like birds, squirrels, and other wildlife. The quiet of natural environments is a non-judgmental place where those with conditions like ADHD can release some energy safely and can also learn more about the natural environment. The physical activity of deep breathing in the open air releases endorphins and is calming and healthful. When walking in groups, individuals with special needs can connect with one another as they observe natural phenomena and can form lasting friendships as well as an appreciation for the beauty and peace that the natural world can offer. The Valley Socials Program of Woodland Hills, California conducts supervised outings to the beach and to parks and areas where special needs children and adults can enjoy nature and can develop their social skills through interaction with one another.

Call to Learn More About Our Special Needs Project in Woodland Hills, California Today

If you have a loved one with special needs, call to learn more about the Valley Socials Program of Woodland Hills, California. We offer opportunities for special needs individuals to participate in social activities and learn social skills that will benefit them in daily life. We are based in Woodland Hills, California but we also serve Encino, Calabasas, Tarzana and Sherman Oaks too. Call us at (818) 650-0889 and let us answer your questions today.