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Does your teen have a hard time sitting still, is disorganized, acts out without thinking, never listens, is easily distracted, or has emotional outbursts? If so, they may have ADD/ADHD. Parenting a child or teen with these disorders can be challenging. However, not impossible and here some things parents can do to help their child succeed.

Ways to Help Your Child/Teen

First, learn and research as much as you can about ADD/ADHD and how the disorder affects your teen. Understand that your teen isn’t being difficult – this is a part of who they are. Learning about their difficulties can help reduce their problems but, it’s not just enough to learn about the disorder yourself. You must help your teen understand ADHD as well. Talking to them about how ADHD may affect them at home or school might bring some peace. Remind them that it’s not their fault, but it is their job to manage their attention and energy. Help them set clear goals and start working on one thing at a time with them and being their support system throughout this.

By helping your ADHD teen build social skills, you are not only helping them build strong relationships but also helping them gain self confidence. Help them notice how their behavior can affect friendships. Helping them develop a new skill to replace one that may be counterproductive to better social relationships, such as interrupting. Try to keep your parent/child relationship as positive as possible by encouraging them when they are meeting their goals. Avoid lecturing, scolding, or blaming them for things they might not be able to control at the moment. These teens have strong emotions and will likely beat themselves up for much longer than what would be normal if you do so.

Call to Learn More About Helping Teens with ADHD Today

If you have a teen with ADHD, call the Valley Socials Program of West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, California to learn more about how teens with ADHD can learn how to function better academically and socially. Call us at (818) 650-0889 and further support your teen with ADHD today.

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