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The Importance of a Checklist for Teens & Young Adults with Autism

Being the parent or guardian of a teen or young adult can be joyous yet challenging. But, when that teen or young adult is diagnosed with autism, how will you as the provider and caregiver help them transition into adulthood and living a fulfilling life?

Valley Socials is an outreach program that provides support to parents and/or guardians of teens and young adults who have autism. At Valley Socials, we understand the desire individuals with special needs have to be a part of their communities and surroundings. So, we make it our mission to assist autistic teens and young adults with forming lasting relationships with others, while becoming overall productive citizens within their given and chosen societies.

Understanding Autism in Teens & Young Adults

Autism is defined as “…a bio-neurological developmental disability that generally appears before the age of 3.” Autism impacts an individual’s otherwise normal brain development, which can affect that person’s social skills, developmental skills, and cognitive abilities. “Autism now affects 1 in 59 children; over half are classified as having an intellectual disability or borderline intellectual disability.” Additionally, boys are four times more likely to have autism than girls.

What Should the Checklist Include for Autistic Teens & Young Adults?

As a parent/guardian of an autistic teen or young adult, having a checklist may prove to be beneficial, and we at Valley Socials are eager to assist you. Your suggested checklist should include the following:

  1. Successful Transition and Evolution Into Adulthood – Once your teen or young adult is diagnosed with autism, it’s important that your young teen continues on a path of educational productivity as well as overall efficiency. It’s important to have your young adult evaluated and properly tested, ensuring that all requirements for high school or other schooling are completed and the necessary assistance is provided.
  2. Evaluation & Exploration of Skills, Talents – In the wake of your young adult’s autism diagnosis, you may wish to have your teen/ young adult evaluated and tested in an attempt to find what your child is interested in pursuing. Perhaps your teen shows an interest in computers, cooking or engineering. Understanding what your teen’s interests are, combined with sufficient testing, can help your young adult become a productive and fulfilled adult.
  3. Taking Care of Legalities– In the state of California, an individual is considered an adult at the age of 18. As a caregiver of an autistic teen/ young adult, you may wish to consider securing a power of attorney for decision making.
  4. Proper Medical Care– Your autistic teen or young adult will need proper medical care. As their parent/ guardian, you may wish to consider helping them obtain proper medical care. Counseling, medication, and other forms of assistance will help your teen or young adult live a joyous life.

Contact Valley Socials Today!

Congratulations on being a caregiver who wants nothing but the best for your teen or young adult! At Valley Socials, not only can we assist with your checklist for teens & young adults with autism, but we can provide a nurturing environment and outreach, ensuring wellness for our autistic loved one.

So, contact us today at Valley Socials and hear as well as see how we will work with you in helping your autistic teen and young adult here in Tarzana become the best that (s)he can be!