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Navigating puberty as a teenager with any developmental disabilities is hard; add in autism and it’s even more difficult. Likely it will seem that their autism is getting worse as a teen. However, like any other teenager, they just want more independence. Parents can help by allowing them to have more control over their schedule, so they feel more in control of their life. Behavioral improvements should occur as a result of this change.

Understanding Executive Functioning

The gap between those with autism and those without widens much more during the teenage years, particularly in the area of executive functioning. Executive functioning includes the skills involved in keeping track of time, remembering the past, making plans, and changing course if needed. Those with autism struggle to do these actions, as their mind doesn’t allow them to be as organized or flexible.

Demands on Students

During high school, the demands on students increase. Students must keep track of books and assignments for each class, change classes throughout the day, and follow directions. This can be hard for teens on the spectrum to succeed. It would help if parents had an open relationship with their teen’s teachers to ensure they are checking their assignment books, reminding them to turn in their assignments, and other support actions that are generally done in lower grades. Teens with autism need this continued and regular support to succeed.

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