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Join our program by educating and training your staff on how to accommodate and welcome individuals with special needs.

Special Needs Friendly Establishment Award

Valley Socials is a Non-profit that wants to work with the business community so they can learn more about accommodations for special needs customers and their families. Businesses can gain a loyal customer base by tailoring accommodations for this clientele by accessing the Valley Socials guideline and tips. Business establishments can gain profits in a Win-Win partnership with the special needs population by facilitating their customers by assisting with products and services. This is a Non-profit that gives back to the community

Valley Socials participants will benefit from positive experiences by interacting in public and with businesses with advanced training in social skills, manners and etiquette. Some participants could even consider employment in the community and there are great tax breaks for businesses that employ this population. Businesses could earn the SOCIALS DIAMOND AWARD from Valley Socials by being a Special Needs Friendly establishment and display the Valley Socials decal to attrac t more customers. Valley Socials will be a beneficial collaboration between the special needs population and the business community.

Please donate to Valley Socials Paypal Link and we will thank you by giving you a Diamond Award to help you accommodate the special population and build your clientele!

  • Loud Sound Icon Teach your employees how to accommodate and respect individuals with special needs.
  • Heart Icon Understand that all people have differences and deserve courtesy and acceptance
  • Link Icon Some people with special needs and their family members worry about how they will be treated in public. Your kindness and courtesy will allow you to have more customers and a loyal client base.
  • Heart Icon All Valley Social participants have a Code of Conduct and practice good manners.
  • Group Icon All people should be treated with kindness, dignity and respect, including individuals with special needs. They are your customers and will appreciate your excellent service
  • Hand Icon Be patient and understanding!
  • Profile Icon Listen respectfully when they ask for any special accommodations such as special seating, maybe a more quiet area in the establishment, assistance with directions, any rules.
  • Eye Icon Treat people with special needs “normally” like everybody else to make them feel comfortable.

TAX ID NUMBER- 81-2386614