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Looking for Ways to Help a Teen or Adult with Special Needs?

Are you a business owner, looking for ways you can assist a teen or adult with special needs? Are you seeking ways to become involved in your community and provide services for individuals with disabilities? Then look no further than Valley Socials. We “make it our business” to connect businesses such as yours to teens and adults with special needs!

Facts About Teens & Adults with Special Needs

One in 4 U.S. adults – 61 million Americans – have a disability that impacts major life activities…the most common disability type, mobility, affects 1 in 7 adults. With age, disability becomes more common, affecting about 2 in 5 adults age 65 and older.” In the state of California, 21.9% of adults live with a disability.

Furthermore, the special needs population is exploding. This is due to better assessments and the rise of diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). One in 68 children will be diagnosed with ASD. Furthermore, approximately over 20% of students receive Special Education services in the USA.

At Valley Socials, we understand the growing population of individuals with special needs and how to best meet their social needs.

How Your Business Can Assist Teen & Adults with Special Needs

As a business owner, you can provide an array of services and outreach for teens and adults with special needs. From the installation of ramps, bars and other enhancements in your stores or business location to services such as interpreters and special needs awareness and sensitivity courses for staff members, your business can quickly become one that fosters a welcoming environment for all individuals.

In addition, you may choose to have community outreach programs and activities, such as health fairs, “open-houses,” and even parties or celebrations, welcoming individuals with special needs and disabilities.

If you as a business owner wish to cater and tailor your products and services to as many individuals as you can, ensuring a better quality of life for all, we can help!

Contact Valley Socials Today for Help with Your Business

Whatever initiatives you’re thinking about or seeking to implement to better support the growing special needs population, we at Valley Socials are ready to listen and partner with you! We have a wealth of ideas about how to enhance your business or entity, so that it is a welcoming place for adults with special needs.

Valley Socials is the perfect liaison between you and your consumers with special needs. From our social programs that foster positive engagement, trust, and successful immersion into society to your products and services, we can help increase your presence within communities!

So, to grow your Calabasas business and build a better society for teens and adults with special needs, contact Valley Socials today!