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Welcome to your Community Development Certification

Employees should be aware of how to give extra accommodations to the customer with special needs.

Scenario # 1      

You are at the register ready to ring out your customer’s purchase. The customer (Ming) starts to flap her hands excitedly and rock back and forth for a few seconds. Yet the customer tells you that they are ready to buy the shirt and smiles at you. How do you handle a customer that seems over excited and is flapping their hands and rocking?

Employees should be aware of how to give extra accommodations to the customer with special needs.

Scenario # 2      

You are a waiter at a restaurant and ready to take the order from a table with some customers. You notice that one of the customers is struggling with the menu, appearing confused about what to order and guessing items. Your customer (Tim) is having difficulty ordering his food. What can you do to help your customer?

All customers with special needs require help assistance with reading signs, menus, etc.

Scenario # 3      

You are at the register and taking orders for the movie tickets to process the ticket in person. The customer ( Pablo) is quiet and seems unable to order his ticket. You ask your customer what show does he want to see. Pablo says, “Black Panther.” You ask, “What time?” Pablo does not respond.

Some customers with special needs might need guidance with the business transaction such as cash, or credit cards.

Scenario # 4      

You are an employee at a big Amusement park. You are helping customers through the entrance of a big ride. One of your adult customers (Tanika) becomes agitated and emotional. Tanika seems a little afraid to go on the ride. What do you do?

It is important to quickly acknowledge your customer with special needs to make them comfortable and safe in your establishment.

Scenario # 5      

You are a beautician at the Beauty Parlor. The Beauty Parlor does have some customers with special needs who sometimes need their hair cut or get manicures. You get a regular customer (who you know competes in the local Special Olympics) come into your establishment for a hair- cut. The young lady Amanda (who is an adult) is sitting in your chair and starts to sing to the store radio music. The customer then proceeds to talk in a loud voice. You see the other customers become annoyed and some snicker. How can you handle the situation with dignity?

Scenario # 6      

You are a teller at a Bank. Your bank has customers with special needs who have accounts there. One of the customers, Amir, has physical, intellectual and emotional special needs, and is known to the other tellers. He often needs more help than most customers and you notice that some of the other tellers are openly reluctant to assist Amir. How do you handle the situation?