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Seeking Community Involvement Programs for Adults & Teens with Special Needs?

Community involvement is a crucial component of anyone’s development. Given such, it’s important to address the developmental needs of individuals with special needs, through activities that foster independence and support.

So, where can you turn for your loved one who needs direction, support, and advancement through community outreach?

We’re Valley Socials and we would love to help you help your loved one with special needs!

The Importance of Community Programs for Teens & Adults with Special Needs

As a parent/guardian of a teen or adult with special needs, you work to promote the advancement of your loved one with special needs. You may realize that community initiatives geared for individuals with special needs are important, but perhaps you’re not fully aware of their importance.

From schools to local businesses, involvement with teens and adults with special needs encourages accepting and caring responses from the community.

Research also shows that community involvement with an individual with special needs 1) helps autistic individuals with their adaptation in school, 2) enhances their social skills, 3) provides an opportunity for dialogue and expression, 4) improves their behavior, 5) reduces their stress and 6) promotes an overall higher self-esteem.

Family and community engagement greatly increases the likelihood that students will learn and thrive. Students are more prepared for school, more likely to achieve, and more likely to graduate when they are supported by schools, families, and communities working together in a coordinated manner.”

What Kinds of Community Involvement Programs Will Help My Loved One with Special Needs?

Community involvement is a broad spectrum of endeavors. At Valley Socials, we understand this and will take the time to asses the needs of your teen or adult with special needs. We will provide a nurturing environment, where we will help with activities that are engaging, supportive, nurturing, and even mildly challenging, should it be welcomed. We’ll take the time to hear from you as a family member and from your loved one with special needs to learn what his/her interests are.

At Valley Socials, we’ll design a schedule of community involvement programs that you can be confident about and that your teen or adult can be excited to be a part of! Some of our social events include trips and visits to local museums, amusement parks, restaurants, recreational and sporting endeavors, and more!

Contact Valley Socials Today

Caring for a loved one with special needs can be joyous as well as challenging. Let us help with the care of your teen or adult with special needs. At Valley Socials, we strive to exceed expectations and will support you as your loved one becomes a productive, global citizen.

So, contact Valley Socials in West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles today, and find out about our exceptional community involvement activities and programs for your teen or adult with special needs. Fun, fulfilling and festive times await!