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There are many different types of special educations. A special needs program can help the community better understand those with special needs and provide a safe haven for them to interact and to grow as adults in today’s world. Not all individuals with special needs are the same, and they require different help. This article seeks to explore some of the many different types of special education out there.


  • Used to describe those that have trouble with hearing and/or seeing.

Hearing Impaired

  • This is used to describe someone who isn’t completely deaf, but is hard of hearing. These individuals may need assertive learning devices to communicate freely.

Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia or Dysgraphia)

  • Refers to a disability caused by a learning or processing problem. A child with such is said to have a specific learning disability.


  • Autism is used to describe someone that struggles to express or control their emotions and has trouble communicating.

ADD/ADHD and other Health Impairments

  • This is a term to use to refer to conditions that reduce someone’s ability to focus effectively.

Down Syndrome

  • Children with this intellectual disability may have less developed cognitive abilities than children their age. They may also struggle to communicate their needs and/or feelings effectively (much like autism).

Special education is challenging but can be rewarding to students and their families.

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