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Are You a Business Seeking to Understand How to Assist Individuals with Special Needs?

As a business owner, it’s crucial to not only make a profit from products or services rendered, but to be a viable pillar within the community. If you’ve been thinking about how your business can assist individuals with special needs, we’re eager to help!

At Valley Socials, one of our primary goals is to help businesses, such as yours, meet the needs of individuals with special needs. We strive to educate, support, and encourage outreach of businesses to help individuals with special needs. We can help with programs and activities that not only benefit those with differential needs, but you as a business owner!

How Your Business Can Provide and Assist Those with Special Needs

Small businesses in California are an integral part of the state’s commerce and vitality. According to the 2018 California Small Business Profile,“…99.8% of California businesses (3.8 million) are small businesses.” Furthermore, “…197,532 net new jobs are created by small businesses in one year in California,” thus contributing to the decreasing unemployment rate, which fell from 5.2% in January 2017 to 4.4% in January 2018.

When it comes to meeting the societal needs of individuals with special needs, businesses can be beneficial in a number of ways. Businesses can provide specialized training for skills that individuals with special needs may desire as well as reduced or specialized services that persons with special needs may need. Furthermore, businesses can also help with sustaining the wellbeing of individuals with special needs with social events, sponsorships, and other empowering outreach.

Here at Valley Socials, we can help design an outreach program for your business to assist, support, and encourage individuals with special needs to live their most fruitful lives! Whether your business has an interest in community activities or in fairs and other social engagement, we can assist with the best course of action to help you meet your objectives.

Educating Your Business About Individuals with Special Needs

At Valley Socials, we make it our goal to help educate businesses such as yours about individuals with special needs. From physical accommodations to assisting staff with a certain protocol, we can provide you with a system that will help your business not only welcome individuals with special needs, but help them achieve their goals and objectives.

We can all assist individuals in our community. If you’re a local business here in Calabasas and desire to learn how you can aid your staff in working with individuals with special needs, contact Valley Socials. From meetings and discussions about involvement to our awareness certification program, we’ll help your business become a multi-dimensional entity, serving individuals with special needs!

Valley Socials is ready to help your business on a path of success and unparalleled outreach, so contact us today!