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Looking for Resources for Your Special Needs Teen?

If you’ve been searching for resources and support for your teen with special needs and have come up empty, then let us introduce ourselves. We’re Valley Socials and we’re excited to help your teen live his/her best life!

Understanding Special Needs Teens

Being a teenager can be one of the most joyous, confusing, and challenging times in life. While there is a constant pressure to “fit in,” to be liked and accepted, there are also physical and emotional changes that take place. As young people transition into adulthood, the pressures can be overwhelming. For a teen who has special needs, life can be physically and emotionally limiting.

Youth with disabilities have varying characteristics, strengths, and needs.” Additionally,  “…nearly two-thirds of adolescents with special health care needs have trouble with one or more of the following: feeling anxious or depressed, acting out, fighting, bullying or arguing, and making and keeping friends.”

Teens with special needs are susceptible to various inequities that hinder emotional development and confidence. Teens with special needs may tend to stay away from after-school activities, sports, and other recreational and developmental programs. “However, as our society adopts a more inclusive attitude toward diversity of all kinds, these adolescents—and their communities—stand to benefit from a perspective that values their contributions.”

At Valley Socials, we understand the challenges teens with special needs face and will work with you as a parent/guardian, as well as with your teen, to create a supportive environment that promotes positivity and confidence.

Your Local Place for Resources for Your Special Needs Teen

At Valley Socials, we understand that one of the important objectives of a teen is to engage with peers within chosen and given communities. As such, we work with teens with special needs, helping them overcome their social engagement challenges and ensuring a more active and prosperous life.

We can not only help you find the resources you need for your special needs teen, but offer a plethora of activities that will be deemed “cool” by your teenager! Some of our most popular outings include visits to local museums, amusement parks, movie theaters, beaches, miniature golf courses, and sporting events.

So, for the “cool stuff” your special needs teen is looking to participate in here in West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, contact us at Valley Socials!