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Finding Accommodations for Teens with Special Needs

When you are a busy parent raising a teen with special needs, it’s important to find efficient ways to get accommodations for them in school. Keeping teens with disabilities successful in schools can help make the overall experience more enjoyable for teens and parents alike. Without finding these accommodations, your teen may struggle as an adult and have deep feelings of failure that may affect their future endeavors. Our goal at Valley Socials is to help parents like you to find these accommodations successfully in and around West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, California.

Why Accommodations Are Important

It’s important to stray away from direct services or modifications and more toward accommodations for your teen. Have a list printed out to show their teachers. Always be direct about your teen’s learning needs and disabilities, so that they understand what they’re working with. Never expect things to change quickly. Most importantly, the clearer communication is, the better chance for success with accommodations and your teen in school.

How Our Organization Can Help

At Valley Socials, we can facilitate the communication between a parent and their teen and their teachers and administrators. We can help work directly with them to foster a strong relationship that encourages growth. It should never be expected that your special needs teen understands and remembers all of their accommodations, that’s why having a print out is so important and encourages them to refer to it as needed. To learn more about finding accommodations for teens with special needs in California, call us today at (818) 650-0889. We serve individuals and businesses throughout West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, Encino, Calabasas, Tarzana, and Sherman Oaks.