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Finding options for the daily care of a special needs teen after school hours can be challenging, especially since many special needs children daycare centers do not provide services for those over the age of 12. Many parents may not be home from work yet and may need to find a way to provide their special needs teen with a few hours of care before they get home. As special needs children transition from childhood to the teen years, their healthcare needs also change, and additional healthcare providers may need to be found.

Daycare Options

The Boys and Girls Club is a local community organization that can provide after school sports, art, and educational programs for children ages from 12 to 18. The local Easter Seals organization may also be able to recommend a childcare provider who can look after a special needs teen for a few hours each day. Other community organizations like the YMCA may have activities for special needs teens as well. Parents can start by calling their local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (CCR&R). There are over 400 of these agencies throughout the U.S.

Finding Health Care Providers for Teens with Special Needs

As special needs children grow into teenagers, taking them to a pediatrician may no longer be appropriate, and they may need a new primary care provider (PCP) for teens and adults. Many healthcare providers provide care to special needs teens. As such, it is a good idea to find a PCP that understands the special needs of the child. Joining a local online or in-person special needs support group will help you network with others who can help you find a PCP that works for you and your child.

Call to Learn More About Care Options for Your Special Needs Teen Today

If you have a teen with special needs, contact the Valley Socials Program of West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, California to learn more about care options. We serve teens with a variety of special needs and are based in West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, also serving Encino, Calabasas, Tarzana, and Sherman Oaks. Call us at (818) 650-0889 to learn more about the different day- and health-care options available for your special needs teen.