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My daughter, Pauline Noelle, started off life unable to talk and was crippled. At age 21 months, Pauline started physical therapy three times a week at a local hospital. Pauline even had little pink leg braces in preschool.

Pauline was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which is a group of disorders that affect muscle tone, coordination and movement. Cerebral Palsy is a neurological condition that which causes physical impairment with large motor skills and fine motor skills. There are different degrees of Cerebral Palsy (CP), some severe, some are moderate to mild.

Today, Pauline is 21 years old and can walk, talk, swim, bowl, hike, and do yoga! Pauline is a miracle. Pauline became aware of a Medical Study being done about Cerebral Palsy and ask to participate. She says she wants to help other children with Cerebral Palsy learn to walk too.

Pauline went to the medical facility and is now part of an intensive three- year study on Cerebral Palsy. She went in the summer of 2019 and attended Day One of the Medical Study of Cerebral Palsy. Pauline’s muscle tone and bones were measured and documented.

Doctors, medical personnel, and other specialists were taking detailed notes about her posture and walking pattern. The specialists put probes on her body to be able to create a “skeleton image” of her on the computer screen. We were told this technique is similar to what is used in “Hollywood style special effects.”  We were shown the computerized image of Pauline’s skeleton and walking patterns on the large screen!

The experts on Cerebral Palsy will study all the data on Pauline and hopefully make some positive medical advances to help more patients walk and improve on motor skills.

Pauline will be going back to the medical facility every summer for the next two years. The specialists will gather more data on Pauline to check her own personal progress. The experts were telling us that Pauline was a great candidate since she had made so much progress in her development since she was a crippled little girl. She is truly a miracle and we hope the study can give the doctors and experts the information to help other children and individuals improve on their motor skills and perhaps be able to walk!