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Accommodations for Teens and Adults with Special Needs

When the time comes to seek accommodations for your teen or adult with special needs, you need the support and guidance.

From location to amenities, seeking accommodations for your adult or teen with special needs can be overwhelming. But, with a good knowledge base as well as support from Valley Socials, the right accommodations will be found, alongside the support you and your loved one with special needs deserve.

An Accommodations Checklist for Adults & Teens with Special Needs

Whether you’re interested in placing your loved one in an assisted living facility, an adult foster care home, a nursing home, or some other facility equipped to support individuals with special needs, you may wish to consider a checklist to help locate the best accommodations. Here are a few aspects that may prove to be beneficial in your search for a good home for your loved one:

  1. Location – Where is the potential facility located? Will you and other family members have easy access to the facility to visit with your loved one? How close in proximity is the dwelling to medical care, recreation, stores, and other areas that would support the wellbeing of your loved one?
  2. Track Record – What kind of track record does this adult foster care or nursing home have, regarding the care of patients with special needs? What kind of record does the facility have with the state? Has the facility ever been closed due to wrongdoing, unsanitary conditions, or other issues?
  3. Staffing and Services – How qualified is the personnel of the facility in handling emergencies and issues? What kind of background does the staff have with healthcare and individuals? What kind of services does the facility offer? Are there group outings? Does the potential facility offer specialized activities and care for patients?

Your Help for Accommodations for Your Teen or Adult with Special Needs Is Here

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “22.5% of adults in the U.S. [have] some type of disability.” In California, this number is 21.9%.

At Valley Socials, we not only provide outreach programs and activities for individuals with special needs, but also provide support and assistance to caregivers like you! Whether you need data about nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or homes for your adult relative living with special needs, we can provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

So, if you’re a Sherman Oaks resident who’s not familiar with who we are or how we can help, contact us today and learn more! Valley Socials is here to help families and individuals with special needs live their best lives!