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All businesses and Establishments thrive well with a loyal clientele and desire that their staff give excellent service to their all their patrons, including customers with special needs. More customers with special needs today are wanting to go into the greater public to shop, buy clothes, get their hair done, dine out, see movies, museums, travel, attend amusement parks.

The newest trend is the emergence of a larger adult population with special needs, especially in the Autism spectrum, who have been through the Special Education system and will want to integrate more into the general society today. The special needs population has benefited from special needs services, improved diagnosis, early childhood education, vocational training, and now even college programs that facilitate students with special needs. These services have helped this population become more independent adults so they can live better lives and become consumers at places of business.

Employees should understand how to provide accommodations and effective personal service to make customers with special needs feel safe and welcome in their establishment. Occasionally, an employee or even another customer can be impatient or even be “less than polite” to your customer with special needs. Your staff needs to take good care of your customer who attends your establishment or place of business. Your employees can defend your patron with special needs by stepping in and use reassuring words, extra kindness to let your customer feel welcome to do business at your establishment. The act of consideration and professionalism towards your customer with special needs will set the example and tone on how YOUR establishment treats your customers.

How does MOST of the public interact among customers with special needs? Most of the public can be helpful, kind and admire your clients with special needs. Most of the public is very patient and will wait until it is their turn for service. We are an accepting society and want what is good for the general public, overall. In summary, it is vital that ALL customers are treated with dignity and respect. It is just plain, good business!