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Looking for Programs and Activities for Your Disabled Teen?

Being the parent/guardian of a teen with a disability can have moments of triumph as well as challenge. As a parent, you want the absolute best for your teen and why shouldn’t you? Your teen deserves a fulfilling and enriching life, full of love, support, and assistance, just like any teen, and we at Valley Socials are here to see to such!

Valley Socials is home to “supervised fun.” We provide an outlet for teens with disabilities to help them live their best lives through enriching friendships, engaging programs, and unparalleled support!

Various Kinds of Programs for Teens with Disabilities

Being a teenager is not easy. In today’s day and age, teenagers have various pressures to fit in, to be liked and accepted. Being a teen with a disability can be even more challenging.

“Because there is no single definition, estimates of the number of youth with disabilities living in the U.S. vary. The National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs identified nearly 1 in 5 children ages 12-17 as having special healthcare needs.” Additionally, “… more than a third (35 percent) of adolescents with special healthcare needs have three or more chronic conditions” that can limit activity.

At Valley Socials, we work with teens with disabilities, empowering them by tapping into their strengths and talents. We also provide teens with disabilities with an outlet to express their true selves, ensuring that self-esteem, confidence, and pride are supported.

Why Choose Valley Socials for Your Teen Living with a Disability?

At Valley Socials, we understand the pressure teens are under on a regular basis. Furthermore, we understand that teens with disabilities and special needs have a desire to be liked, loved, and involved in the communities and groups they share with their peers.

Therefore, we have made it our mission to assist teens with disabilities and special needs overcome their social engagement challenges. We strive to be the friends and support that teens need during this most crucial time in development.

So, if you’re seeking effective and supportive outreach for your teen with disabilities or special needs here in Sherman Oaks, contact us at Valley Socials. We love teenagers and look forward to helping you and your dynamic teen with disabilities!