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Most teens with Down Syndrome can live a healthy and happy life. These teenagers have the same social needs as others their age and will need help with certain behaviors. As such, it is essential to be aware of the social challenges that your child may face. Your teen may face difficulties expressing their emotions. If left unaddressed, these struggles can easily lead to depression in those with special needs.

How Occupational Therapy Helps

Occupational therapy can help teach your teen the necessary skills to live on their own and hold down a job. This counseling will help increase their self-confidence and communication as a whole. By learning how to communicate more effectively, they will be able to convey how they feel more, so that you can help them better navigate these emotions.

Tips on How to Help Your Teen Succeed

Encourage them to take part in school or community activities. This will give them a chance to make friends. Always support their interests and try to get them involved in an activity that supports it. Help them set a daily routine for hygiene, teaching them how to shower and use deodorant, comb their hair, and other personal hygiene necessities. Discuss respect, love, kindness, and what a healthy relationship is – whether a friendship or a romantic one.

Call to Learn More About Helping Down Syndrome Children and Teenagers

If you have a teen with Down Syndrome and are looking for programs to better support them, call the Valley Socials Program of West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, California. We serve teens with many special needs and are conveniently based in West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, also serving Encino, Calabasas, Tarzana, and Sherman Oaks. Call us at (818) 650-0889 and let us answer your questions today.